I'm Jammy! A pixel artist based in the
Atlanta area

I make my money producing art for small game projects. With a deep love of pixels, and a passion for art in all its forms, I revel in the opportunity to bring something creative to life. Nothing rivals the feeling of creating, and I bring a fiery passion to any project on which I work. I am a boon to any team.

My work on the original Dark Deity contributed in a major way to the success of the game. Thanks to my intervention and quick art skills, the project met its deadline and was featured at E3, even briefly sitting at the top of the "hot" section on the steam storefront. Charles Moore described me as "An absolutely workhorse," which secured me a ground-floor spot on the sequel. Some of my work for the sequel is showcased below!

Bows and other ranged weaponry are well within my comfort zone. I have done hundred of animations of characters shooting things, and I intend to do hundreds more

Melee attacks, hand-to-hand combat, and physical contact are the backbone of a lot of animation projects. I am particularly good at selling impact and strength without sacrificing speed in an animation

Are speed, deadliness, and slick movement important parts of your project? I have ample experience in these sorts of animations

Effects animation requires a deft hand, a trained eye, and a heaping dose of patience. I can put out animations like the ones pictured above in a timely manner

 Still not convinced? Try these testimonials on for size

"I hired Jamie to be my best friend and it worked out wonderfully" - Dylan Rodas

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